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We provide a wide range of services related to home construction and remodeling. Some of the services we offer are listed below. Click on any item to learn more.

Our Range of Services

Gutters and Gutter Guards

Gutters are attached to the roof edges and used to draw water down and away from the house and its foundation. Most gutters consist of sections of gutter, drop outlets and downspouts.

Gutters can be constructed out of many different materials including some of the following:

- Aluminum
- Copper
- Copper Penny Aluminum
- Euro copper
- Galvanized Steel
- Lead Coated Copper
- Paint Grip Steel
- and more...

Many homeowners typically purchase gutter guards in addition to new gutters to keep debris from collecting in their gutters and causing stoppage.

Patio Rooms

Add space and natural sunlight to your home with the addition of a patio room (often referred to as a sunroom or Florida room).

It is not uncommon for homeowners to add central heat and air as well as electricity to these rooms making them fully functional room additions to your home.


There are many reasons homeowners decide to remodel areas of their home. Often times, it can be simply to accommodate a need such as a better layout, more space, or just to update a room to be more modern looking. Sometimes, remodeling comes as a result of an accident such as a fire or water damage. And, then there are those that choose to remodel in an effort to have a more energy efficient home. Whatever your reason for remodeling, we can help.

We will help you evaluate all of your options and help you find the most cost efficient way to get to your desired result. Similar to our new home building process, there are specific steps we follow during the remodeling process.

They are:
Step 1: Select and customize your plan.
Step 2: Determine the cost of remodeling.
Step 3: Contract with Alford Roofing and Construction, LLC to perform the remodel.
Step 4: Secure a loan from a financial institution if needed.
Step 5: Discuss options and make selections (color, flooring, lighting, etc.).
Step 6: Remodeling takes place.
Step 7: Home site inspection takes place (if required).
Step 8: Begin using your newly renovated room!

During the remodeling process, you'll find our employees to be careful about keeping the area neat and clean. We realize that most homeowners will continue to live in their homes during the remodeling and this can be somewhat of a disruption. We try to keep that at the absolute minimum.


Nothing puts the finishing touches on a home quite like a new roof.

In addition to protecting your home, it helps to control energy costs. It can also add style and personality to your home. There are many choices for roofing including classic shingle options for lasting, low-maintenance results, or metal roofing for superior wind resistance, durability and energy savings and flat roofs as well.

We provide roofing for both commercial and residential customers and roofing is our specialty!

Roofing products are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, styles and finishes.

We offer a five year warranty on all roofing.

View our Residential Roofing here, or our Commercial Roofing services here.


Not only do windows add aesthetic value to your home but they are energy efficient and can help save you money on your energy bill. Windows are one of the number one sources of energy loss in your home. We install windows that meet Energy Star standards. You have the option of choosing from vinyl, wood, metal and even impact-resistant windows. Tinting can also be added to your windows to reduce heat gain from the sun and protect your indoor furnishings from sun damage such as hardwood flooring, furniture, etc.

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