What is the construction process when building a new home

The process of home construction is a very exciting and overwhelming experience especially to first-time homeowners. Knowing how the process works and establishing a healthy relationship with the home builders can make the process go smoothly as your home finishes.

The first step is planning. Extensive planning of the house should be discussed with the home builders before construction so there would be a clear understanding on what everyone expects and what would really happen as you go through the process. If you have more than one builder tender documents and contracts shall take place. It is best that you know and you trust the builders of the house. The contingency sums, prime cost schedules, preferred subcontractors, lump sum vs cost plus, and contracts are also executed.

Next is preparing the site and creating a foundation. This is where a lot of digging and clearing happens, and footings are installed. The foundation is necessary to make sure that your house is going to be sturdy and intact as they build the house. If you plan to have a full basement, then you are going to wait for the concrete to cure. In some regions, inspections may happen after the curing to check if the construction has abided the rules and safety of building a house. When all of these is done, you will now proceed to the next step which is building the skeleton of the house.

Building the skeleton includes the roof, the walls, and the floor. Builders will put a protective wrap around the sheathing of the house to prevent water from seeping through the walls which leads to molds. As the whole framing is done, most people’s enthusiasm starts to really fire up because they can now see the actual size of the house, its shape, and its appearance.

The next step is the completion of the rough plumbing and installation of the electrical wires and HVAC. Your roof and walls are now being completed in this stage and the wirings for electric outlets and the water lines are traced all over the house. Then, when all the paths are secured, an electrician will now install some receptacles, secure the breakers, and everything that involves electricity.

The last step is the whole interior and exterior work. In this stage there will be inspections that may occur from time to time as the house is getting nearer to be finished. The walls are being painted, the drywalls are hung and taped, the flooring is laid, cabinets, kitchen, bathroom, porches, and decks are being installed, and the driveway and walk ways are put.

Further finishing touches of the house is part of the last step. After a lot of construction and hard work, money, and effort, you now have a completely finished house. It is exciting to see that what was once your dream house, has finally happened in real life.

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