5 Questions to ask when hiring a roofing contractor

The roof of your house is already showing the signs of aging, leaking, falling shingles, and so on. You also know that it is time to replace the old roof with the new one before the heavy rain or snow comes. Your choice not to fix the roof on your own is very great since the job is a dangerous one. Leaving the job to the professional is the option that you have. Hiring a roofing contractor should not be done recklessly. To avoid poor workmanship, you have to make sure that the contractor you are hiring is a reliable one. We’d like to give a shout out the Jacksonville SEO company who helped us out. Now, here are the top 5 questions to ask when hiring a roofing contractor to help you choose better.

What are the name and complete physical address of the company?

Professional roofing company should have physical company address and also the full name. If the company only provide Post Office box, make sure to ask about the physical location. A roofing company which fails to show the physical location should be your main concern and place it on the red flag list. If something goes wrong with the repairing process, you can easily make a claim when the company has a clear physical location.

Are you fully license, insured, and bonded?

A good roofing company should provide compensation for the worker and also insurance in order to protect the homeowner just in case accidents happen. The compensation for worker protects the homeowner if the company’s worker injured while working as well as protect the homeowner from damages which caused by the worker during replacing or repairing the roof. If the company is not licensed, insured, and bonded, the homeowner will be the one who responsible for the medical bills and also other costs relating to injury and accidents. Most of the homeowners’ insurance usually will not cover these kinds of accidents; therefore, you will personally pay for the costs.

Do you offer roofing warranty?

If you do not want to left in the cold or heavy rain when the roof goes bad; ask about the roofing warranty for product and workmanship which is provided by the company. Inquire for how long the roofing company provides the warranty. A common warranty lasts for a year; however, some roofing contractors may offer longer warranties. The warranty from the roofing company usually covers for the workmanship and the manufacturer warranty covers for the materials. This is two different things which you should inquire for what kind of the warranty that the company offer and also for how long it will last.

Can you show homeowner references?

Visit the local residential job websites to check the previous work. You may also ask for references for a good one and if it possible you can follow up with the previous homeowners whether they are satisfied with the contractor job.

Do you have written estimation?

You are busy people; therefore, you need to know the detail of the job estimation. This includes the approximation of the start and the finish date along with the payment detail and procedure. The construction proposal should be crystal clear to avoid miscommunication.

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