When Do I Know if I Need a New Roof?

Let’s face the fact. The roof is one of the most important parts of the house. We, homeowners, should make sure that it’s always in a good shape and sturdy. Most of us don’t know when we need a new roof. We are disappointed as everything becomes too late. Commonly, we may replace the Jacksonville roof once we spot a leak. Roof leaking occurs due to many reasons. Is that all? Well, there are many other factors to pay attention. These help us determine whether we need a new roof or not. Here are several things to know.

Things to Check

First of all, we can decide by the age. Like any other parts of the house, the roof does age over time. We should know how old our roof is. According to experts, a typical roof may last up to 20-25 years. It may depend on many factors, though. If the roof exceeds more than 20 years old, perhaps we need to consider a new roof. Second, we can determine by checking the condition. It’s a warning if the shingles start curling. We must replace the roof soon. It’s also a bad sign if the shingles are losing granules. That means the roof becomes defective. The Jacksonville painters can help you with that.

The next tip is to check on the roof valleys. If the shingles start missing or falling apart in such area, it’s indeed a sign we need a new roof. Not only valleys but we also need to check its rain and snow flow through both gutters and valleys. There’s the chance of roof leaks if they are defective. Missing shingles is also a bad sign. We should check to see if they are all intact. We can also determine by looking at the chimney flashing. If it consists of roof tar or cement, it requires a replacement. The best choice will be a metal flashing system.

Further Considerations

Checking gutters is also important. If we find shingle granules in it, we should consider replacing the roof. Roofs may lose more granules as they get older. How can we determine if the granules have worn away? It’s the color. Darker and inconsistent color of the granules show how bad the condition is. The next method is by walking on the Jacksonville roof. A trampoline bounce or spongy feel is the sign of weakened underlying deck. The moisture is the culprit. We may need to check the insulation for replacement.

In summary, most of us decide to replace the roof due to aesthetic reasons. It’s a wrong way to think. In many cases, defected roof isn’t visible. We should conduct a thorough inspection in order to determine whether we need a new roof or not. It will be difficult if we have little knowledge or experience. Hiring a professional roofer is the solution. Such kind of service may perform a thorough inspection and find out any defects on the roof. In the end, we decide whether to have a new roof or not. The cost can be either big or small. It depends on the condition of the roof.

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